Small Animal Internal Medicine
We pride ourselves on providing the most current and progressive medical treatment available. Our aggressive approach toward medical cases is supported by excellent diagnostic facilities including a fully equipped X-ray suite and laboratory, electrocardiograph, Doppler blood pressure monitoring equipment and an extensive medical library. Oncology services are available to aid in the diagnosis and management of our cancer patients.

General Surgery
We offer a broad range of general soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. To maximize the safety of our anesthetic procedures, we tailor our protocol to each individual. Anesthesia is carefully monitored using pulse oximetry. Radiosurgery is available for our avian and exotic patients as well as a wide variety of small animal surgical and dental procedures.

Avian, Reptile, and Small Mammal Care
The clinic offers full services in avian and exotic animal medicine and surgery. An infant incubator is utilized for critical cases, and an on-premises microbiology lab allows us to expedite treatment for infectious diseases. We utilize the finest outside laboratories for evaluation of blood and tissue samples, including ZoogenR DNA analysis for avian sex determination. We are also committed to "well patient" care for our avian/exotics patients through husbandry and behavior counseling.

Laboratory Services
Our laboratory is capable of a wide range of services including parasite identification, blood counts and chemistries, urinalysis, feline leukemia and immunodeficiency virus testing, 3DX (canine heartworm, lyme, and ehrlichia) screening, cytology and culture and sensitivity testing for bacterial and fungal infections.

Geriatric Wellness Counseling
For our senior patients, we offer a comprehensive "Geriatric Wellness Package", which includes a full physical examination, complete blood count, serum chemistry profile, thyroid testing, and complete urinalysis for early detection of age related medical and behavioral problems.

Routine Preventative Health Care
Your pets will receive a full physical examination at the time of their vaccinations, heartworm checks and other routine visits. This is an excellent opportunity for the doctor to detect any medical problems early, and to begin appropriate treatment if indicated.

Nutritional Counseling
Good nutrition is essential for proper weight maintenance, performance, growth and as an aid in the treatment of many diseases. Our staff will guide you in choosing a dietary plan best suited to your pet's needs.

We offer boarding and grooming services, which are available by appointment. Grooming services include bathing, dematting, therapeutic shampoos and dips. Boarding requires vaccinations and parasite checks to insure the health and safety of every pet staying with us. Please contact us to inquire about boarding your avian/exotic pets.

Pet Food and Supplies
Please ask about our selection of quality Pet foods and supplies.

Cremation Services
We offer pet cremation services. Please contact us for more information.


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